Foundation Sump Pump Installation

Wet basements leak through the walls, floors, and/or the foundation wall floor joint.  These leaks can come from one spot or from all over the basement walls and floors- no matter what types of foundation you have- stone, block, monolithic, tile, cement or any others.  When they do, the water in the basement can ruin all your possessions.  Installing a quality basement sump pump can keep the basement dry if you make the right choices and maintain it properly.

Sump Pump Problems

wet basement from sump pump failureEven if your certified basement waterproofing contractor sells you the finest basement sump pump on the market, there are some sump pump problems that need to be avoided.  While we believe that sump pumps are the best basement waterproofing solution on the market, there is more to your basement waterproofing system than just your sump pump.  If you buy a sump pump, make sure it can handle the three following common sump pump problems:

  1. Primary sump pump failure
  2. Sump pump overload from too much water
  3. Power outages turning off the sump pump.

If you’re not home and one of these three situations occur, you’re going to be very frustrated with your sump pump installation.  You didn’t pay a basement waterproofing contractor to flood your basement!
If you’re not home, how are you going to hook your sump pump up to a generator when the basement floods?  In high-volume rainstorms, there’s a higher risk of power outages. If you can’t be by your sump pump at all times, you’re going to wish you had a battery backup sump pump in the basement.  Otherwise, you run the risk of losing your sump pump when you need it most!
Sooner or later, your sump pump is going to fail.  When it does, you probably won’t find out until your basement floods.  If you want to protect the cellar from flooding, make sure you install a secondary sump pump in the basement to help if the primary sump pump fails.  This will also help with heavy rainstorms when there’s too much water for the main sump pump to discharge.  Sometimes a battery backup sump pump can also work as a secondary sump pump.

Lifetime Warranty?
Sump pump manufacturers cannot give a lifetime warranty on their sump pumps.  And even if they do, it will not mean that their sump pump is any better.  Foundation sump pumps are made of mechanical parts that need maintenance to continue to work, and no sump pump will ever last forever!  Basement contractors who offer a very long or lifetime warranty or “free replacements forever” should be treated with suspicion.  How will you know you need to contact your basement waterproofing contractor for your replacement?  When your sump pump has failed and the basement is flooded with water!
There are thousands of horror stories about flooding basements that cause homeowners to spend thousands of dollars or more pumping out a flooded basement, ripping up their basement carpet and basement wall panels as well as damaged and destroyed items in basement storage.  Sump pumps are a great solution for waterproofing a cellar, but only with quality equipment and proper maintenance.

Basement Waterproofing General Contractors

A perimeter basement waterproofing drainage system with a quality sump pump, battery backup sump pump and a secondary sump pump is the most reliable way to keep your basement dry.  A reliable basement waterproofing contractor can advise you about the best basement waterproofing system for you! Our contractors are screened and hand-picked to be the best locally owned and operated contractors available!  Our contractors have agreed to offer free estimates and independent contractor agreements while providing written warranties for all their products.  All our contractors are certified and licensed basement home improvement experts with a strong reputation with the Better Business Bureau.  Your basement contractor is fully trained to make your basement dry and useful as storage!  We’re ready to help you!
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